“The Process” Is In Full Swing

The Process is in full swing as Dayton Moore and the Royals have stoked the Hot Stove to a warm red glow.  As we all know starting pitching is the main focus in what is turning out to be a busier off season than most of us expected.  Kicking the tires on Mark Buehrle and Roy Oswalt after trading CF Melky Cabrera for lefty Jonathan Sanchez has gotten the majority of us salivating for what could be.

There does seem to be some division among fans as to whether or not the Royals can contend in 2012.  I’m a rather optimistic sort when it comes to the Royals but I try to temper  it with some statistical analysis.  Having said that, I see no reason with the addition of at least one starter the quality of  Buehrle or Oswalt, that this team can not contend in the AL Central next year.  As the off season moves along I will outline why I feel that way (along with the hundreds of other Royals bloggers) and help shed some light on what we should see out of the Royals in the 2012 season.

While I’m not sure DM is going to spend what it would take to acquire either of the aforementioned starters, he does have some in house candidates that could provide a good amount of quality innings.  In my next post I will go over some of top options the Royals already have on the