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I’ve decided to start a small tradition here at 1RoyalWay and gather some blurbs from other blogs around Royals Nation. I’m sure most of you know the Royals are one of the more represented organizations in the blogosphere. They also have numerous ties with major publications like Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, Baseball Prospectus and many more. The following are some excerpts that I found relevant this week. I hope you enjoy.

-The first is a quote from Ned Yost. Ned actually said this last year before the season started. Salvador Perez hadn’t played a game above A ball.

“The first time I laid eyes on Sal, it took me about two days to realize he was special. I’ve been in this game a long time. I’ve seen hundreds of catchers come through and I’ve never seen one like him. He’s a very, very rare find.”
–Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost on Salvador Perez

This actually was in an article on ESPN talking about Perez and his affinity for pitches outside the zone as well as his ability to square them up regularly. The go so far as to make the comparison to Vlad Guerrero. Perez isn’t one to get on base at a high percentage but he has excellent hand-eye coordination and good power. You couple that with defensive ability that is at the top of the game you have a very special player.
You can find the ESPN article here –

-From Rany Jazayerlis’ Rany on the Royals blog found here – remembers hearing this story about Sal Perez:

“Quick diversion to a (second-hand) story from last year’s camp: the first time Sal Perez caught Joakim Soria, he took charge the way he did with every pitcher, gently encouraging Soria, chatting up his pitches, and generally acting like he was the veteran helping the kid along instead of the other way around.

Soria was a little taken aback by the way this 20-year-old from A-ball was projecting his authority, so he decided to test out the kid: without warning, he purposely buried his next pitch three feet outside and in the dirt. In one smooth motion, Perez slid over, snagged the ball out of the dirt like he was fielding a grounder, yelled out some more words of encouragement, and threw the ball back to Soria like nothing had happened. To no one in particular, Soria mouthed a single word: “nice”.

I think it’s safe to say that as of right now, the kids got what it takes. Also for those 2-3 people that are Royals fans and are not familiar with Rany’s work, you will not find a more detailed, truthful yet usually positive analysis of the organization. It’s one you HAVE to bookmark.

-Nick Scott over at Royals Authority (found by going  here –

“Some folks are saying that the Royals are taking a risk here, but they’re wrong. There is almost no risk whatsoever in this deal for the Royals. The absolute worst case scenario is that Perez doesn’t play a single inning again and they are on the hook for $7m.(spread out over 5 years to boot) It would be like stepping to the roulette table and getting paid on every single number except 0. This deal is as risky as sitting on your couch. Sure a satellite could crash into your living-room and kill you, but it’s not very likely.”

Nick and the guys do a tremendous job of having truly quality content on a daily basis. Great analysis with a side of humor sprinkled in is usually the special for the day.

-One more from Nicks’ article on the Perez signing:

“Yesterday was a big success for the Royals. They just made a crazy cheap signing of a potential star and they dominated local sports talk. Both moves were intelligent, smart, well-thought out and executed to perfection. Whoa, I just used all of those words to describe the Royals. Maybe things really are starting to come together”.

-David Lesky at Pine Tar Press wrote an uplifting piece on a tweet by Danny Duffy last night that may be a the sign that the Royals organization is the antithesis of what it used to be. Here’s the link to this great site:

‘I’m not sure if the love of this team peaked last night or if it’s just the beginning of things to come, but when I saw the tweet in my feed by Danny Duffy saying “Bury Me a Royal,” I couldn’t help but smile. Here’s Danny Duffy, this great kid, and he’s just coming out and saying that he’s a Royal through and through. Maybe that changes in five or six years when he’s a superstar and he’s just so expensive the Royals can’t afford him. Maybe he’s just really good at public relations, but I simply don’t get that impression from Duffy. What it means is that these guys absolutely want to be here. Kansas City is not a destination to refurbish your career and it’s not a place where a 39 year-old can hang on for one more year of a paycheck. It is a desirable place to play and if you don’t believe it, just ask guys like Danny Duffy and Sal Perez. We’ve come a long way from the days of guys like Jose Guillen, Jose Offerman and others. These Royals are young, they’re good and they’re easy to root for. This city will go crazy for any winners, but when these guys win, it’ll be an even greater feeling’.

-Michael Engle and the staff writers at Kings of Kauffman are another wonderful Royals site with tremendous content. Staff writer Brett Christie had this to say about a recent tweet from 1B Eric Hosmer that was directed towards bandwagon fans:

“The first thing that jumps out at me from this tweet is the confidence the youth core of this team continues to show. Quite frankly, it’s exciting to see the players display this kind of swagger and conviction in their abilities as a ball club that has been absent for a long time. They’ve heard they’re good, they know they’re good and they’re not afraid to talk about how good they’re about to be”.

The entire article can be read by going to this link –

-Landon Keefer has his own take on Sal Perez’ deal and what was behind the Royals thinking. He talks about two players that had the potential to sign long term with the Royals saying this:

“Earlier this off-season, I thought there were two players that would be great candidates for extensions that were under the radar: Salvador Perez and Alcides Escobar. My rationale was that even if they struggled with the bat their defense would be strong enough to carry them through at least part of the deal. Both of these players are at defensive oriented positions and if they continue to be studs they can return fair value simply with their gloves”. Royal Revival can be found here –

It’s a great time to be a Royals fan. The Salvador Perez signing coupled with the obvious attitude and mindset of young key players absolutely proves that. If you have followed this team as long as I have, you have endured some great times, and a lot of bad times. Make no mistake though, this team is primed to win. It’s always about the talent on the field, and there were times the Royals were lacking so much that they had no chance of competing. Well times, they are a-changin’.


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